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Pages 18-20Now this years VP Queen was not from Pagedale.She has a family background that shows women from Pagedale and Chesterfield should not bother.The suspect has court judgments dating back to 1984 with over $500,000 in judgments many of them never paid. Pages 9-12 Read the campaign donations and expenses of the three state reps serving Town and Country and Chesterfield.Also see how much Bruce De Groot is spending on meals at locations nowhere close to any voters in his district.Three months after pleading guilty to that one she is arrested again for DWI.We first wrote about her when she was arrested after she and her 20-year-old sister had been drinking at Harpos and were fighting each other outside the bar. Pages 9-11 Subdivision trustees upset that homeowner was allowed not to follow the plans that had been approved by the city. See the changes and read about a lack of enforcement and a lack of ethics.

This week we have Schupps major contributors for the last quarter of 2017.

Pages 35-37Read how the owner of a farm in northern Illinois had 79,000 (nine truck loads) pumpkins stolen from him by Peter Wolff, the operator of the Chesterfield Valley Pumpkin Patch on Olive at Chesterfield Airport Road near the old Rombach Farms.