Ajax label not updating

AJAX components and behaviors shipped with Wicket expose one or more callback methods which are executed when they receive an AJAX request.One of the arguments of these methods is an instance of interface Wicket distribution comes with a number of built-in AJAX components ready to be used.So I adapted a bit Ben's solution, and I add hidden text box, and update its value before calling the do Post Back method.To implement that you need to add 4 "things" in your ASP. You need a textbox to store the value you want to pass over to the Update Panel, but you don't want to show it in the page, so it must be hidden via CSS.

And finally, you are ready to update the contents of the Update Panel based on the value set by the javascript method on the client: This changes the text in the label inside the Update Panel with the value set in the hidden textbox and passed through by the async postback.If you would like to use an AJAX Update Panel to make several server callbacks to render updates to a portion of the screen continuing the Update Panel, you could take a look to the following video for help: Instead of looking for just 'copy-and-paste' solutions on this thread you are going to need to understand what you are doing a bit 1st, because there is no 1 line solution to your problem. AJAX has become a must-have for nearly all kinds of web application.Dear All, I have a for loop condition as below coding for looping to change word on label.text, but as a result, it just only display the last value.