Bowtech updating stryker crossbow

Young shooters down to 12 years old were able to cock and shoot the bow without trouble, which is a consideration when outfitting a younger hunter for the upcoming crossbow season.While the Stryke Zone 350’s owner’s manual recommends moon nocks over flat nocks, my review bow came equipped with updated star-type nocks that ensure maximum contact with the string as the arrow travels down the rail.My minimum requirement is arrows touching at all distances, and the Stryke Zone 350 was up to the task.

There’s plenty of room for the crossbow and a day pack, and shooting off the rail was easy and accurate.

Whenever possible I like to keep my crossbow on the seat beside me with the limbs resting on the rails, but the Stryker 350 is short and compact, making it easy to hang on a hook screwed into the tree or on an S-hook looped through the stock with the crossbow hung stirrup-down over the rail.