Cancel visual studio help updating

We update Visual Studio often to extend its functionality and to fix customer-reported issues.To make sure you have the most current, optimized release of Visual Studio, you'll want to update it. Choose the notifications flag to open the Notifications hub and then choose the notifications that you want to act on. If you choose to ignore a notification, Visual Studio will stop showing it.If an update is available, the user can install it.Any updated content that is not found in the offline layout is downloaded from the web.Extensions may be controls, samples, templates, tools, or other components that add functionality to Visual Studio.Visual Studio supports extensions in the VSIX package format—these include project templates, item templates, .(For example, you might want to disable notifications if you deliver updates through a central software distribution mechanism.) Because Visual Studio 2017 stores registry entries in a private registry, you can't directly edit the registry in the typical way.

I need way to repair without uninstall/Reinstall ,because i have many packages installed on visual studio ,it would removed.You can update a Visual Studio extension on your system by using Extensions and Updates to install the updated version.If you create an updated version of an extension, you can signify it as updated by incrementing the version number in the VSIX manifest.When an update is available, Visual Studio notifies the user with a notification flag in the top right-hand corner of the window.

You can disable the notifications if you don't want end-users to be notified of updates.

To load the extension, you must restart Visual Studio.