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No waiting for tunes to transfer to your network hard drive.No need to dedicate hours to setting everything up. The Zen is vastly more powerful than most NAS devices on the market, so no matter how large your music library is, the Zen will provide a great user experience.It could also indicate a firewall issue on your local network (LAN).For UK residents we recommend setting the time server to be: The time server setting is found in the QNAP Administrative web interface under the "System Settings" "Date and Time" section.In fact, no excuse for neglecting your CD collection any longer. Just insert the CD and the Zen will automatically store it on its hard drive, retrieving CD cover art and track listings automatically.The Zen is so quiet (having absolutely no fans) that you can place it confidently in your living room where it will quietly stream your music away. Want to stream high-resolution audio via UPn P to your Naim or Linn Music Streamer? Want to use the Zen as a high-end music player connecting to an USB DAC and your Hi-Fi? Once finished, the Zen automatically ejects the CD and it’s ready for the next one.Please note that these instructions use the hostname Slim Server-109 throughout - please substitute your host name accordingly i.e. In a browser navigate to Server-101 Select the "Server Settings" link from the main menu.Check that the Music Folder and Playlist Folder are set to /ext/Qmultimedia After copying your digital music files to the folder \\Slim Server-109\Qmultimedia you will need to re-index your music library.

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This may indicate that the server is not set or unreachable.The backup drive can be read from any computer so you can even take it with you anywhere.With no cooling fans and an ultra-quiet enterprise grade hard drive, the Zen is silent.Just plug our pre-configured USB external drive into the Zen and you can backup all your music with a single click.

The backup is incremental so any subsequent sessions will only copy your new files.

With features such as support for 32bit/384KHz and DSD256 audio playback, gapless playback, bit-perfect output via asynchronous USB, optional linear power supply and internal low-noise regulators, the Zen will amaze you with its sound quality. The Zen connects to Internet radios stations from around the world and online services such as Spotify, Qobuz and Deezer.

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