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I’ll give you a succinct argument, courtesy of Georganne Chapin. Chapin is founder and director of the Hudson Center for Health Equity & Quality.She writes in the : My argument against circumcision of children and infants is no more and no less than that it’s a human rights issue.Circumcision still matters to God, only now it's not the physical procedure, it's the state of your heart that God cares about.The following blog post includes material from an informal article I wrote many years ago, in high school, in fact, for a college essay competition.

So why is medically elective circumcision, performed without consent, unethical?May we all aim at mutual understanding, so that the best arguments may emerge from both sides, and so that the underlying points of genuine disagreement may be most clearly identified. Anti-circumcision advocates—“intactivists” as some evidently like to be called—collected more than 7,700 signatures to introduce a ballot initiative which, if passed, would outlaw needless, nonconsensual circumcision within city limits.The point of the initiative was that routine circumcision is a medically unnecessary act of surgical interference–one that removes healthy, functional genital tissue, and does so without the consent of the person whose body is being permanently modified.Last week I traveled north to teach the book of Galatians to 350 very attentive students at Word of Life Bible Institute in Pottersville, New York.

Even though Galatians is amazingly contemporary, I face a huge challenge in making it seem relevant today because the major issue in the book deals with something we hardly ever talk about in church. As always, a wave of nervous laughter swept across the room when I brought up the subject.

From the outside, you couldn't tell who was circumcised and who wasn't. Why not piercing the ear or cutting the cheek or marking the hand? And if he decided to sin with a foreign woman, he would have to do it with that part of his body that had been set apart as holy to the Lord. He sees it all, even the things we try to hide from him.

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