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Matt, Sylvie, and Adam go to Eve's and the 4 have a good laugh about Charlotte's disastrous party.Watching Charlotte get Adam's attention, Eve wishes she could be the lucky recipient, so when Alannah invites her to come shopping, Eve eagerly agrees: maybe some new fashions will catch his eye.Being Eve is a television series from New Zealand, originally shown on TV3 from 2001–2002, and rebroadcast on The N.Being Eve focuses on a teenage girl, Eve Baxter, and her daily problems.Eve says she has plans of her own, but does express surprise that Sylvie and Adam are going somewhere alone together.She tells herself she can trust her best friend, but later that evening she second-guesses herself on that.

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That night, Eve's mother has a date arranged for her by a friend, though Eve feels unsure of her moving on from Dad so quickly.The people are thrilled when she speaks up for their causes, but then the police.Eve gets a lecture from her parents when they see her on TV, chained to the tree, but they don't follow up with a punishment.(Especially when in the course of being 'bad,' she ends up getting involved in something good.)The day before the big Social dance evening, the robotic principal warns all the students about being too intimate with one another at the event.

This only gives Eve the urge to kiss Adam, and she confesses to viewers that she has only kissed 3 boys.

The next day, Adam and her English teacher commend her for her protest speech.

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