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’ She said of typical self-help books on dating: ‘There is no science to back up what they are actually saying.'We’ve been able to look at what people are told and established that the science in that is mostly bunkum.’She said there is no evidence that advice such as a woman downplaying achievements when on a date and letting a man make the first approach actually work.There is also a danger that you will spend so long gazing at someone across a crowded room and trying to analyse their body language that by the time you go over to speak to them, they will have gone.Dr Boynton said: ‘All the while most people are just waiting for somebody to say 'Hello'.‘Chat-up lines generally don’t tend to work because they seem very contrived.’She added that while most dating books do contain a ‘nugget’ of wisdom, many of those unlucky in love would be better to focus on building their self confidence.Fun facts about Omaha are that it is where the bobby pin and the Reuben sandwich were invented.

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