Lil bow wow and ciara dating

Girls, get ready for hot sexy bow wow.i want to let bow know how much i love him i think that i will be the one for him but it happen like that the my girl ciara have him but i hope ciara will take good care of my man are i will be sad with her if god put you to togather be to always and to omarion i want you to know whow much i love you and hopful me will be your and ciara will be bow wow and we all can go out toagather hola at you girl shellicia this is my email [email protected] love ya so much take care.I have always thought Bow Wow and Ciara would look good together and they do. I think i am 1 of Bow's biggest fan and i don't feel the least bit jealous in fact i'm happy 4 them. I just hope ur not thinking about marriage just yet.He commanded I, his official band manager, look it up for him.I stumbled upon all of your anxy, hippy hoppy comments and well, GREAT NEWS.None of this should of happen if he didn't have had his birthday in Mexico................................................................................................................ Ciara is beautiful, she look just like a women to me. If they want to get married thats them, you guys don'thave Bow wow Ciara do!

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No doubt whomever was capturing the moment with the smartphone wasn't privy to those wishes.The more important thing is to know that Future is indeed keeping his romantic escapades confined to a single woman, allegedly.Though emcees in his position might be best known for playing the field as it were, the fact that this relationship with Chavis has been going on for several months now only strengthens the notion that he's not looking elsewhere for love.Neither he nor his new flame have commented publicly on their relationship, but with this new evidence up on social media, such a confession might not be far away.

We probably already know all there is to know about this child rapping sensation, OK not all, but he has been in the spotlight long enough for us to know our way round a ‘Shad Moss'(that’s his real name in case you were wondering).

As per some photo and video evidence that has been making the rounds on social media, the "Mask Off" rapper has been "secretly" dating Joie Chavis, a name that might not be super familiar to hip-hop fans outside the fact that she is the mother of Bow Wow's son Shai.