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I remember the first time I did this, I approached a woman at a hotel bar in Manhattan (I was waiting for a client).When I approached her, she first peered up at me suspiciously.Often I find myself being very jealous of these guys, even when they’re screwing up and making all the usual mistakes.

You don’t need to take any crap from her (unless you’re a high-drama guy who likes crap). Just because you like her, doesn’t mean you need to be her boyfriend.While it’s true there are a small percentage of women who prefer experienced men, the vast majority of women out there, I’d say at least 85%, do not give a about shit how sexually experienced you are.Again, women are horny as hell and crave sex badly.I secured her number, casually exited the conversation and KNEW I had an awesome tool at my disposal.

I’ve been talking to a lot of younger guys lately about women and dating.

There’s another girl just as hot, smart, and cool right around the corner who won’t give you any crap. Just because you love her, doesn’t mean you have to move in with her.

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