Matlab validating inputs with input parser

Math Works webinars sometimes use a data file with thousands of records of flights into and out of Logan airport, Boston. However, the memory and performance overheads associated with the categorical class often outweigh any savings. 142 Accelerating MATLAB® Performance 4.1.6 Datasets, Tables, and Categorical Arrays MATLAB’s Statistics Toolbox includes a data type called dataset,367 which is similar to cell array in its ability to store data of heterogeneous types.

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% Using numeric date values - hundreds of times faster flag = (date Num1 == date Num2); ⇨ Elapsed time is 0.000002 seconds. When assigning logical values, it is better to directly use the true and false functions rather than the equivalent but slower logical(1) and logical(0). For the purposes of this section it is sufficient to say that we should not use strings except for text processing. Such cases need to be checked individually, since as noted there is no general rule about which data type is faster — we need to decide based on hard empirical data, by testing the different possible combinations. Dataset alternatives include cell arrays or struct arrays (each struct is an observation, where each struct field is a variable).* Datasets and struct arrays are quite similar, and I see no significant advantage to datasets over struct arrays from a development and maintenance standpoint (cell arrays are less “user-friendly” in this respect, since the programmer needs to keep track of the meaning of each separate column).

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