Msnbc dating for dorks

To me the truth is biased to the right and liberals prefer to be spoon fed the standard liberal fare and are uncomfortable with anything else. once you start doing that you see more bias towards the right wing agenda.....Mcllelens new book there has been admissions from news reporters of being pushed to stay with a pro war stance....

Liberals are so you to distortion and biased that they label it biased on the right.I'm a conservative-It's funny that you use the word "lying." I would say they are telling the other side of the story-the side that isn't covered by any of the major networks, cable networks, Newsweek, Time, or most of the major city newspapers. But I challenge anyone to point to an unbiased news source. Randi Rhodes also takes loads of calls from conservatives with a policy of letting them in first....When they use the motto "Fair and Balanced" I take it to mean an attempt to counteract every single other news source, which only gives America liberal lies. neither of whom make pretenses and asses out of those who believe Faux is "fair and balanced"....I watch Fox, Msnbc, and Cnn and flipping back and forth you can see the bias so much easier. Cnn tends to be the closest to the center of news .

What makes me sick with Fox is I notice anytime there is bad news towards John Mc Cain or the Bush Administration, Fox barely covers it and you have to listen to the other news channels to hear about it.

Even before the advent of Fox News, I was dissatisfied with the right leaning of Corporate News.