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Jan 12, 2010 Eric Wilde Currently, activating Adobe software has a limit on the number of deactivations that can occur.For all Adobe activating software (including Acrobat-based products), that deactivation limit is 20.When installing on a new system it is often necessary to remove the software from older systems.

However, news is out that just a day after the release, Photoshop CC has already been pirated and available.The deactivation limit has caused numerous problems and I’m very happy to see it go.As stated above, we should go live on the a new activation server implementation on January 15th that completely removes the deactivation limit.With all the recent discussion about Adobe's Creative Cloud model and the polarizing opinions surrounding it, one of the topics people have been mentioning is how it will stop the pirating of Photoshop and other Adobe products in the suite.

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