Sav server not updating

Version 6 of ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) and ESET business products were released in North America December 11th, 2014, and globally February 25th, 2015.

As time goes on, you’ll add and remove media to the libraries or make other changes that mean the library is no longer up-to-date.Note: In most cases, this should work for content on local filesystems.It will generally work for network shares mounted via SMB, NFS, AFP, or similar.When you configure a site to download updates, one or more management servers download the updatesnd places the updates in the database.

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  • Update virus definitions and content for Endpoint Protection profil de paulette60


    Dec 18, 2017. Note This article is no longer being updated. Learn how to update Symantec Endpoint Protection SEP with the latest virus definitions and other content updates. The default behavior and best practice in most cases is to configure sites to download updates from the Symantec LiveUpdate server.…