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We could have easily spent more time up there, and (time permitting) ventured even further north. Owning a week of timeshare is one way we keep our travel costs down and we were thrilled to secure a week at Whiski Jack, Whistler, Canada, in April.We took a coach transfer from Vancouver up to Whistler where we had to check in at their office in Creekside, which was no problem when they organised a taxi at their expense to take us (plus our luggage and a few groceries) straight to our mountain-side unit.This time, leaving our luggage at Pacific Central Station, we hopped on a bus which conveniently took us directly to Stanley Park: my Number 1 “must do in Vancouver.” We spent an hour or two there, walking around the marina, amongst pretty cherry blossoms in the otherwise dormant gardens… It was a great way to finish off our two-part visit to Vancouver. Last year, we drove from our house in central France, up to Belgium and across to Germany before embarking on our “big day” travelling homeward-bound across 3 countries (I just love that about Europe!) to complete our 3000km “loop.” We left Stadtkyll, Germany, and arrived in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, just an hour later – and soon stumbled upon a chocolate shop (Chocolate House – Nathalie Benn) in a perfect location, directly opposite the Grand Ducal Palace.We opted for the easy hike – a track by the forest around one side of the lake… Mountains, water and forest – just perfect (except perhaps for the swarm of tiny insects hovering over the water at one reedy spot). Then we headed into the town centre – a bit of a trudge really, rather tired by now (and surprisingly warm) from our little hike.The view of the surrounding mountains was truly spectacular and made it well worth the effort.One of the locals told us we were very lucky because it had been raining and cloud-covered earlier in the day.

We took the local bus from our hotel for an unguided tour through North Vancouver, over Lion’s Gate Bridge (one of the longest bridges in Canada) and through the secretive woods of Stanley Park before alighting at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver, where we would catch our coach transfer up to Whistler later that day.Embark on a grand adventure through Europe to the charming Dutch city of Amsterdam, historic Prague and the labyrinthine canals of Venice - your highlight will be a Rhine river cruise past hilltop castles, fairytale villages and vineyard-clad hills.As much fun as it is to go to well-known places and cross tourist icons off your bucket list, it’s equally good to venture to a place you have never heard of before.The Kurobuta Terimayo was fresh and light, but when all’s said and done, it’s just a hotdog with Japanese mayo and seaweed.

From there we headed into the Gastown historic area and stumbled upon the fascinating Steam Clock. but didn’t appreciate the brazen beggars who weren’t satisfied with just a dollar or two.

There were plenty of eateries to choose from in this popular district.