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This powerful feature enables agents to save valuable time and avoid asking duplicate questions or offering resolutions that have already been suggested. That makes them feel secure that the answers we’ve provided will be backed up.I also like that I can decide to require or not require a contact’s personal data.Tried to reach out someone on Twitter with no response. Man I wish someone had recommended this to me before I tore all my hair out. When it works it works great but when it doesnt work you lose customers and makes for angry patrons because they think you are ignoring them. Shows 0 visitors even though I am testing it myself on another device.Don't bother installing this, it's not worth your time. I've used a few other live chat apps before, but I am very impressed! I love that you can schedule your available times, its mobile compatible, you can view all chat transcripts, add staff members....highly recommend!!! OMG, I couldn't tell you how many apps I have been through looking for something that actually works. I also turn "active" on, but if you select the chat icon prompts by showing I am not available (and I am) and it will send an email. Pure Chat PRO adds Realtime Analytics, Visitor Tracking and More, and has a monthly fee.Post-chat surveys are an excellent tool for identifying weaknesses and identifying your support stars – so other agents can learn from your best performers.Live Chat 100 supports advanced website integration features.We know that providing great service to your customers is important.Therefore, our live chat system provides you with a wide array of useful features that enable you to do just that. And, of course, happy customers lead to referrals, revenue growth and higher reputation ratings for your brand or company.

Techniques such as pushing screenshots and article links to your customers enable them to find the answers and resolutions they need on their own, thus saving your support staff and agents considerable time.Live Chat 100 provides your agents with complete and instant access to chat and support ticket histories for customers and visitors of your site.With just a couple of clicks, a support agent can view previous support chats that a customer has had with others on your team.Still, nothing gives you more insight into how well your customer service staff is performing than hearing from customers and visitors themselves.

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    Me A free remote desktop tool. Live Chat. So, whether you have free and paid accounts, basic and premium levels, or any other type of tier system, you can create rules for how customers are routed to the. With Visitor SSO, when a visitor signs into your web account, he/she also signs into Live Chat 100 automatically.…