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And last week scientists announced that new dates for an extinction event that claimed most of Australia's large animals show that humans, not the climate, wiped them out.Although visual inspection of the rocks, fossils and archaeological remains used to reconstruct our planet's past provides critical information, only by ascertaining their ages can researchers put this data into a meaningful context.As a result, different isotopes are better suited to dating different items.In the case of carbon 14, for example, the half life is only 5,730 years.

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contestant Crystal Bowersox has been an avid LGBT supporter for the past three years since the show thrust her into the spotlight.Still others, like amino acid racemization, show promise but have not yet taken wing.Now, nearly 100 years after Boltwood's groundbreaking work, it is estimated that Earth formed at least twice as long ago as he had claimed.I mean you can’t break up with a girl that looks like Crystal without having a few smokeshows lined up.

Brad, for those not familiar, is a rising star in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series whose time might be right now.

Each isotope has what is known as a half-lifethat is, a period of time in which half of the atoms in a population decay into stable daughter elements.

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